Wine Tasting: October 25, 2021

 Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club
Wine Tasting 2021
Monday, October 25, 6:00pm

This year the wine tasting will be a little different. It will be held at the splendid Players Club, 3321 E. Jefferson, at 6:00pm.  You will want to dress up a bit, it is an elegant environment. Street parking is available. Bring a mask and be aware some people are still socially distancing.  Since we are just coming out of the pandemic, food choices will be limited to cheese and crackers. Please, remember an empty stomach is not the best thing to bring to a wine tasting.   

Members, Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club dues are being collected. Bring a check for $50 if you have not yet paid. Please invite a neighbor who may be interested in becoming a member of the Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club. This is our annual new member recruiting  meeting. 

The program for the evening is a competition between six wine.  The club members, with some simple instructions, will be judging the wines. Selection winners will be purchased for refreshments at future meetings. The competitors are listed below.                                                                              

Cotes du Rhone Domaine de la Bastide 2019
A winner in the coveted New York Time’s List of Best Buys Under $20
A suave Frenchmen from a ancient vineyard dating to the days of the
Knights Templar. Perfect to enjoy with the “D’Vinci Code”.
Prodigo Nero D’Avola 2019,
A feisty Sicilian produced with the “appassite” method,
It wants to join you for pizza and maybe a little more.

Ruffino Orivieto Classico
An Italian with a “mineral” taste that reflects the soils of its home valley.
A perfect aperitif, it will start your evening.
Tussock Jumper Chenin Blanc 2019
From South Africa and grown in a vineyard dating from the 1700’s
A favorite French wine grape is made into an African everybody loves.

Sweet and/or Sparkly
Veuve du Vernay Ice
A bubbly French wine made in the same method as the finest Champagne.
Slightly sweet, it comes to you from the land of romance.
Mosketto Sweet Pink Mondodelvino
The bubbles are formed by the natural carbonation of a well known Italian grape.
Nothing artificial added. A sweet wine that treats you with respect, it is refreshingly sweet and perfect on ice.