Annual May Outing 2015



Tour of Plum Street Market Garden 4:00pm
Reception at Detroit Farm & Garden 5:00pm
Dinner at Los Galane’s Restaurant 6:00pm
Tickets: $25 members, $28 non-members 4:00p.m.

Plum Street Market Garden is a stunning 1.75-acre site owned by MGM Grand Casino in downtown Detroit. At Plum Street, staff and volunteers produce transplants for gardens across the city as well as grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to boost sales and improve access at local farmers’ markets and restaurants The garden provides Keep Growing Detroit with a place to model appropriately scaled, production-focused urban agriculture. Jeff Klein, who designed Plum Street Garden, was one of our guides. Ashley Atkinson and Uncle Willie Spivey, greenhouse manager, also joined us.

Jeff Klein owner of Detroit Farm and Garden, 1759 21st Street, Detroit, Michigan

Jeff Klein owner of Detroit Farm and Garden, 1759 21st Street, Detroit, Michigan

5:00p.m. We followed Jeff Klein to Detroit Farm and Garden. Jeff is owner of DFG as well as a well known garden designer. Refreshments from Honeybee Market were served as we explore the premises. Jeff explained the process of designing Plum Street Market and the philosophy behind Detroit Farm and Garden.

6:00p.m. Dinner is at Los Galane’s Restaurant, on Bagley Street, in Detroit’s Mexicantown. A special menu of Mexican favorites including tacos, quesadillas and burritos was enjoyed. Soft drinks, coffee or iced tea are included. The Woman’s Garden Club provided the first round of margaritas.

Directions: Plum Street Garden is at 2202 3rd St, Detroit, Michigan 48226, near MGM Casino. Some parking is available, car pooling is recommended. Detroit Farm & Garden is located at 1759 21st St, Detroit, Michigan 48216. Parking is available in the rear. Los Galanes Restaurant is located at 3362 Bagley. Guarded parking is available in the rear.