May Outing 2017



The 2017 Annual May Outing was a tour at Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit’s first Arboretum. Photo Sue Nye 

Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club Annual Outing

Monday, May 8, 2017

4:00-6:00pm: Tour of Elmwood Cemetery with Registered Arborist Brian Colter & Cemetery Historian Joan Capuano  

6:30pm: Dinner at Sinbad’s Restaurant $25


Brian Colter, urban arborist, introduced us to a number of trees. Standouts were European beech, Kentucky coffee tree, ginkgo, and Norwegian spruce. 



Elmwood Cemetery historian Joan Capuano took up where Brian left off. She pointed out the final resting places of senators, governors, mayors and other Detroit notables


Larry at a monument in honor of Jim Tuck, the husband of Joan Lovell, an Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club member. Jim met an untimely end in a plane crash near Metro Airport.

Grave of Helen Pierrot, Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club member. She lies next to her husband George Pierrot who was host of a travelogue on early Detroit TV.


We pause at an obelisk marking the grave of Senator Jacob Howard, a writer of the 13th Amendment which freed the slaves. The obelisk is purposely unfinished because some Americans were still enslaved when he died.