March 9, 2020: Coriander Kitchen Cooking Demo


March meeting program, a cooking demonstration, cancelled because the chef was exposed to coronavirus.

The meeting held with a brief business meeting and a lots of conversation. 

We hope to reschedule Coriander Kitchen & Farm at a later date.

Our March meeting is at Philippa’s* lovely, historic home. Special thanks to her for hosting the cooking demo at the last minute.The meeting starts at 7:00pm with time for greeting and meeting, with refreshments, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. At 7:30, we will have a brief business meeting. The Daffodil Luncheon April 15 and the April 18 pancake breakfast  are sure to be on the agenda.

Alison Heeres

Our program, at 8:00, is a cooking demonstration by Alison Heeres. She describes herself as the “homegrown head cook at Coriander Kitchen and Farm. I’m addicted to dill, coriander, lemon zest, and crunchy things. I cook food grown by people and companies I know and trust. I believe in food that is satisfying, healthful, and balanced”. To celebrate the start of spring, she will create a fresh meal salad with local greens and pickled vegetables.

Located  near Joseph Campau and Gratiot, Coriander Kitchen and Farm is is the home base for  Chef-Farmer team Alison Heeres and Gwen Meyer. Coriander Farm, with Gwen as chief farmer, grows quality herbs, vegetables, and flowers with organic methods in the heart of Detroit.

Prospective members and guests are always welcome. For more information: <>

*Members, see meeting notice for more information.