February 2018 “Gotta Know Plants to Grow Plants”

The February 12, 2018 meeting will be at Miliana’s beautiful Indian Village home*. The meeting will start at 7:00pm with refreshments and time to”meet and greet”. At 7:30pm, we will have brief business meeting. There will be news about the Home & Garden Tour, scheduled Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10, and other topics.
The program will start at 8:00. Our speaker is Akello Karamoko, part of the staff at Keep Growing Detroit. His topic will be “Plant Biology: You Gotta Know Plants to Grow Plants”, a bit of serious garden knowledge to get us ready for spring. 

Akello Karamoko of Keep Growing Detroit at Plum Street Market Garden.         Photo: Blac Detroit

About our speaker: Akello is a farmer at Plum St Market Garden for Keep Growing Detroit. He is a native Detroiter that has always had a green thumb. He planted his first apple tree at 11 years old and sold peppermint and sage at his church when he was thirteen. Farming as a career path is hardly on the minds of other youth growing up in Detroit, but he sought out programs to learn how to grow, plan, harvest, and sell his own organic crops. He’s trained in programs like 4H Gardens with Dr. Wesley Godfrey, KGD’s Urban Agriculture Youth Apprenticeship program, and MSU’s Organic Farmer Training Program. He has worked for the Food Warrior Program with Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) and City Food’s Good Food Ambassador program. His purpose is to provide similar opportunities for others. He also wants to inform others about their rights to healthy and culturally appropriate foods. He recognizes that while America’s agricultural sector is shrinking, exposure has always inspired innovation. He plans to provide the next generation with the spark to partake in organic agriculture. Bio from KGD website
Prospective members and guests are always welcome. For more information <kathleenkrasity@yahoo.com>.
*Members, check your email meeting notice for more information
To learn more about Keep Growing Detroit go to: http://detroitagriculture.net

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