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womens_abclogoIn the spring of 2020, $25,000 was awarded in scholarships by the Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club. The money had been raised by our fundraising Holiday Gala and Holiday Tour in December 2019. Because of the Covid pandemic, no Holiday Tour or Gals was held in 2020. We had no funds to award to worthy scholars in 2021.  As of September 2021, we hope to be able to resume our Holiday fundraisers and awarding the Artelia Bowne-Court Scholarship soon.  


Smoke Signals Indian Village Association Newsletter:  October 2019

“Taranta Gatson-White, chair of the the Artelia Bowne-Court Scholarship, says the money was divided between 7 students this year, with each receiving between $5000 and $1500, based on academic and personal needs. 

This year’s recipients were chosen by the Scholarship committee on July 20th. They are: Simone Rhodes, Amy Jachim, JaLynn Livingston, Destiny Wade, Jacob Cornett, Diop Russell and Piper Holly. 

The annual scholarship is named after Artelia Brown-Court, a long-time resident of Indian Village and Woman’s Garden Club member who passed away in 1983.

Gatson-White says this year’s scholarships help carry on Artelia’s legacy in the Village. “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community, world and environment in a better place from which you found it,” Gatson-White says.  

The ABC Scholarship is possible only because of the Indian Village Holiday Home Tour, held the first Sunday in December, and the VIP Pre-Holiday Tour Gala and the many, many members and friends who worked hard to to make it all happen.”


Scholarship Applications are due May 15, 2020.

The deadline will NOT be extended. The Education Committee will meet in late June 2020 to make awards. 

Note: The application and guidelines below are dated 2019. The same form is being used in 2020. 

Printable  ABC Scholarship Applicant: PDF ABC-Scholarship-app

Printable Guidelines for Applicant pdf ABC Scholarship GUIDELINES FOR THE APPLICANT

The Artelia Bowne Court Scholarship



1. ENROLLMENT The candidate must be presently accepted or enrolled in a full-time program at an accredited college, university or school of higher   education.
2. STATUS No candidate taking less than twelve (12) credit hours will be considered. If the institution does not operate on the credit-hour system, written verification of the candidate’s full-time status must be supplied by the institution. Full-time status must maintained during the semester of quarter in which the grant is used. Students who lose their full-time status during the year for which a grant had been awarded may forfeit the right to be considered in future years.
3. GRADE POINT AVERAGE A 2.0 is the minimum cumulative grade point average necessary for grant. Assume a 2.0 is equivalent to a “C.”

1. REFERENCES Candidates must be sponsored by an Indian Village resident.
2. APPLICATION The application shall be complete and filed timely to merit consideration.

NOTE: Application must include: institutions official transcript of grades, academic recommendations & autobiographical essay.

1. The grant shall be applied to tuition, room and board costs or academic fees that can be paid directly to the university. In exceptional circumstances, required supply costs may be reimbursed.
2. The grant shall be used for the academic year in which it is awarded. If not so utilized, the grant shall revert to the Artelia Bowne Court Fund at the Michigan Division Foundation of the Wom- an’s National Farm and Garden Association.
3. The grant for tuition, room and board, and academic fees shall be forwarded directly to the institution in which the candidate is enrolled. Required supply costs will be reimbursed by the original receipt and approval of Education Committee chair.

II. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE:  Incomplete or late applications shall NOT be considered.

A. The DEADLINE for the receipt of the application is MAY 1ST of the current year.


To that end:
1. Make your request for the transcript and academic recommendation EARLY. It is suggested that you make your requests four to six weeks in advance.
2. Ensure that your application form, essay, transcript and recommendation reach the Scholarship Committee ON TIME. It is strongly suggested that you check with your professor and Records Office at least ten (10) days before the deadline to ensure that the items requested have been mailed. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS SHALL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
3. The committee is NOT responsible to notify the applicant that records or recommendations have not arrived on time.

B. TRANSCRIPT Please have a complete, OFFICIAL transcript (all semesters or quarters) of your work sent by your high school, college or university Records Office DIRECTLY to the Scholarship Committee chair. Transcripts should NOT be mailed in your application packet.

1. SELECTION OF ACADEMIC PROFESSIONAL (current administrator, professor, instructor or counselor): Choose someone who knows your talents and abilities and who will take the time to write a recommendation that will enhance your standing with the Scholarship Committee. College freshmen may find this difficult, but all fresh- men will have the same problem and it should not affect selection within that year group.
2. FORMAT Your recommendation may be mailed by US post, faxed or e-mailed. If mailed, it must be on the high school’s, college’s or university’s official stationary and should be sent directly to the SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIR. Provide the individual writing your reference with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. He or she may choose not to use it, but it will give weight to the importance of the courtesy you have requested. The office phone number of your academic reference must be included on your application for verification purposes and in case of difficulties.

1. ACADEMIC MAJOR If your major is declared, so indicate on the application. If your major is still undeclared, put UNDECLARED on the scholarship application form transcripts will list declared majors). If you are leaning towards a particular major, note your choice in your essay.
2. HOURS List the number of credit hours being taken in your present semester. Also list your average hourly load for all semesters or quarters. REMEMBER: Only full-time students are accepted.

1. CONTENT The essay is a CRITICAL ELEMENT of your application and must be original to each application. Do not assume that the committee will refer to any previous essays you have written. Committee members may change each year. It is suggested that the applicant take the time to prepare a thoughtful and informative essay. Often the essay serves to distinguish one applicant from another applicant who may have similar quantitative qualifications. The essay is your opportunity to allow the committee to get to know you as a person and as a student. While concise, the essay should at least:
A. Provide a personal vision of your goals and plans for the future. Be as specific as possible.
B. Provide information on any academic honor society to which you may belong, for what field and when you were invited to join.
C. Provide information on campus activities (e.g., student government, athletics, clubs) in which you are involved.
D. Provide information on community activities (e.g., scout leader, volunteer service) in which you are involved.
E. Provide information on your work record (e.g.what kinds of jobs do you hold or have held, personal, family circumstances, future plans).
F. Provide any additional information you believe may be of interest to committee (, medical, personal, family circumstances, future plans).
2. FORMAT The essay should be typed, double spaced, NO LESS THAN 300 WORDS and no more than three pages.



Taranta Gatson-White, Education Chair Artelia Bowne Court Scholarship Committee

2115 Seminole Detroit, Michigan 48214

E-mail    Phone: C: (313) 300-3598 H: (313) 571-1615

The Indian Village Branch of the Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association awards the Artelia Bowne Court scholarships to help local students complete their undergraduate education. Established in 1983, the ABC Scholarship Fund was named after a beloved late member. This year, the Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club Education committee is pleased to award six scholarships to students for the 2017-2018 school year. The amount of scholarship money awarded to each student is based on criteria set by the club, takes into consideration academic excellence, professional recommendation, and submitted application information.

It is through the hard work and commitment of the Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club, the efforts of the Holiday Tour homeowners and the support of neighbors and friends who attend the Indian Village Holiday Home Tour and the VIP Holiday Gala Night that the scholarships are possible. Over $200,000.00 has been awarded to students in the past 33 years. The Indian Village Woman’s Garden Club feels strongly that they have joined hands with the community to make an important contribution to our neighborhood and our city. Education is an investment in our future, congratulations to this year’s recipients.”