Daffodils4Detroit 2021

Due to the Covid quarantines beginning in March 2020, we were unable to hold the Daffodil Luncheon scheduled for April 2020.

In 2021, the Covid pandemic continues and a Daffodil Luncheon still unwise. However, we had learned to Zoom and meet online and the Daffodil committee came up this great idea, a Daffodils4Detroit E-Tour! Participants would be able to purchase a ticket on-line and watch the E-Tour in the safety of their own homes.

Now, we needed someone to put the E-Tour together. Two members of the committee volunteered, Barry Burton, a city of Detroit landscape designer, and Aislinn Scofield, as very talented member of the Indian Village Branch of the WNFGA. Together, they put together a a beautiful photo program of Daffodils growing on Belle Isle and around Detroit. Barry added a live narration on the day of the event.


In Indian Village, Kathleen & Eileen enjoy the Daffodil E-Tour together.

The Daffodil4Detroit E-Tour sold many tickets. Daffodil tiles and notecards were also sold online. The Peacock Galley held a live online auction that helped to raise more money.  Laurie Tennent donated a portion of sales from her Botanical Collection. Daffodils4Detroit is able to continue toward its goal of planting a million daffodils in the metro Detroit area.

To learn more about the project: Daffodils4Detroit