Daffodil Day Centerpieces

Flower Centerpieces for Daffodil Day April 18, 2018

Indian Village Branch has volunteered to donate FIVE centerpieces to the Daffodil Luncheon.
Please notify Renata if you can volunteer. It should be fun, and not too complicated, project! Details are below

Daffodil Luncheon 2017, note the lovely daffodil centerpieces.


  • 45 centerpieces will be required. 
  • Centerpieces do not have to match. 
  • Use simple clear glass vases of any shape.  
  • Finished centerpieces must be no more than 14” tall and no more than 12” wide.
  • Place a small ID label on the vase underside.
  • All, or at least 50%, of the floral material should be daffodils. Feel free to be creative with the other 50%.

Centerpieces may be delivered to the Detroit Yacht Club on Tuesday, April 17, or they may be delivered by 10:30 am on Wednesday, April 18,  the day of the luncheon. Centerpieces may be taken home by donors after the luncheon.

Questions? Mary Schwark: schwark@aol.com