Cooking Demo: Katie’s Cannoli November 11, 2013


Every year we have a cooking demonstration to learn how to prepare different foods. Last year, we learned how to make a Mexican torta sandwich with a fresh pico gallo sauce. This year, we move to Italy and dessert.

Katie, of Katie’s Cannoli, will show us how to make the famous Italian dessert in our own kitchen’s. We will find out how to make the cannoli shell and the rich filling. She will also reveal the secret of how to prepare a crisp cannoli, a secret not known by many.

Katie’s Cannoli are only at available at Supino’s, home of Detroit’s most renowned pizza, or by special order. She hopes to soon step up production and make her product more widely available. There may well be an Indian Village connection.

For more information check your November meeting notice or contact program chair, Kathleen Krasity: .